The Legacy Project

Legacy; noun. Something that is or may be inherited. – Oxford Dictionary.

Every family has its stories; so many are lost over time. The Legacy Project tells the story of Kate’s family in a series of collage portraits composed of family photographs.

This series of new works portrays people who are or have been important and influential in her life by both absorbing and recreating those who are no longer with her. After the death of both her grandparents Kate experienced a profound sense of loss and a need to honor them and their legacy.  As she poured over album after album of old pictures the idea for this legacy project was born. It tells the story of a working-class family from Queens, NY and its journey over the course of five generations who lived, worked and grew in New York City.

These collages, composed as they are of recycled photographs, form a living legacy to her grandparents, illustrating the way their lives affected the lives of so many.